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  1. 60G frag tank stand and sump

    Your inbox full. Please message me 347712-7217
  2. Free Chaeto!

    Have a large bag of free chaeto. Very good quality. Text message me if you need some 3477127217. Can pick up anytime today/tomorrow after 6pm. Zip11214
  3. Large chaeto Reactor !

    Pics to show just how bright it gets!
  4. 180 gallon tank stand and canopy forsale 07465 wanaque nj

    I was suppose to pick this tank up. Did you sell it already?
  5. Large chaeto Reactor !

  6. Large chaeto Reactor !

  7. Large chaeto Reactor !

    Inlet comes from top side and outlet comes from bottom opposite side below the screen. So anything inside will not come out except water. Also has another outlet below screen with flow regulator, it can be kept close.
  8. Large chaeto Reactor !

    It's all plastic on the inside. The metal lid is on outside, so it would not touch saltwater. It makes a very tight seal. And I think it's all steel, not suppose to rust like iron.
  9. Large chaeto Reactor !

  10. Large chaeto Reactor !

    Dimensions 13inch wide, 12.5 tall. Can also be used to run media inside.
  11. Aqua UV Classic 80watts Clarifier/Sterilizer

    Sold. Please close
  12. Large chaeto Reactor !

    Hello mr, have nuclear reactors/canisters available for sale. They will be perfect to grow chaeto inside (just need to wrap led strip around it and you all set!) No extra heat inside your stand, no mess, no smell ! Each canister has 1inch in/out. Outlet has a valve to regulate water coming out...
  13. Aqua UV Classic 80watts Clarifier/Sterilizer

    Aqua UV light 80watts with brand new light bulbs. Has been tested, works perfectly. Water flow in/out via 1/2inch fitting can be changed up to 1 inch. Best price for it $300. Pick up in Brooklyn 11214. Pm me if interested.
  14. Brand new aqueon tanks not drilled

    When can I pick up?
  15. Aqua UV light 80watts

    ??. Interested in selling these fast. Can work a package deal for UV and canister filters. Will include lots of biomedia for free. If interested please contact.
  16. Aqua UV light 80watts

  17. Aqua UV light 80watts

  18. Aqua UV light 80watts

  19. Aqua UV light 80watts

  20. Aqua UV light 80watts

    Read the post carefully. You will find it there my friend.