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  1. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

    They where sold, but then the sale fell through. Still available.
  2. 220g Tank F/S

    Tank is still available. There was a flurry of interest when I posted last, and I thought I had responded to everyone but when I look at my PM box it appears I may have missed some. If your interested, you can PM me here but you will get the fastest and most consistent response by emailing...
  3. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

  4. 220g Tank F/S

    This tank has been "sold" more time than I can remember, and each time the deal fell through. $600 to anyone who can come get it.
  5. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

    Still available, $50 each.
  6. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

  7. 220g Tank F/S

  8. 220g Tank F/S

  9. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

  10. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

  11. 220g Tank F/S

    Still available
  12. Vortech MP40W $300 Shipped

  13. FREE 120 Gallon Sump

    still available, it would be a shame to throw it out.
  14. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

    If someone takes both of them, I will throw in two of the original style luminarc reflectors
  15. Ballast: IceCap 660

  16. Ballast: IceCap 660

    IceCap 660, with heatsink and wiring harness. About 1.5 years old and in immaculate condition. $110 Shipped. $100 pick up.
  17. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

    I have two Sunlight Supply 250w HQI ballasts for sale with quick disconnects. I used these to overdrive a mogul MH Bulb for more PAR. These are great ballasts with powder coated and vented enclosures, an auxiliary outlet (i.e. an outlet on the box to daisy chain a cooling fan etc.), and a...
  18. Vortech MP40W $300 Shipped

  19. FREE 120 Gallon Sump

    FREE 120 Gallon Sump. This is a 120 Gallon tank that I converted to a sump. It has an area for water from an overflow, separated by 3 glass baffles into a large main section. There is damage to one lower corner, but I have never had any type of problem with it and it has been like that for...
  20. Vortech MP40W $300 Shipped

    For Sale Vortech MP40W. About 2 years old, in great shape. $300 shipped