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  1. Ballast: IceCap 660

    IceCap 660, with heatsink and wiring harness. About 1.5 years old and in immaculate condition. $110 Shipped. $100 pick up.
  2. 2x 250w MH Ballasts

    I have two Sunlight Supply 250w HQI ballasts for sale with quick disconnects. I used these to overdrive a mogul MH Bulb for more PAR. These are great ballasts with powder coated and vented enclosures, an auxiliary outlet (i.e. an outlet on the box to daisy chain a cooling fan etc.), and a...
  3. FREE 120 Gallon Sump

    FREE 120 Gallon Sump. This is a 120 Gallon tank that I converted to a sump. It has an area for water from an overflow, separated by 3 glass baffles into a large main section. There is damage to one lower corner, but I have never had any type of problem with it and it has been like that for...
  4. Vortech MP40W $300 Shipped

    For Sale Vortech MP40W. About 2 years old, in great shape. $300 shipped
  5. Skimmer

    For Sale DAS EX-2. $250 in very good condition, except for a small crack below one of the pump assemblies. Does not leak, and has been that way for as long as I can remember. (three years old) I was using this on a 220 gallon SPS tank. Here is a pic of the small crack. You...
  6. 220g Tank F/S

    Up for sale, my 220g tank, It is 6' long x 30' wide x 24" tall. Made by miracles in glass. External overflows along the back. Starphire on three sides. Euobracing (i.e. no center support on top) Some minor scratches, but all in all in great shape. this is a really, great tank. Must pick...
  7. FREE Clownfish pair

    FREE Ocelliris Clownfish Pair - must pick up tonight after 7:30 in Astoria. I also have a red brittle star up for grabs as well.
  8. Tank Break Down

    Unfortunately, for a number of varied reasons the time has come for me to take down my 220 gallon tank. More information about my tank, can be found in my tank thread. The following items are up for sale. I will not ship, and most items are for pick up only in Astoria in the evening and...
  9. Hi

    My name is Matt and I like the fishies.
  10. Initial PAR readings

    OK folks these number come with lots of caveats, but I thought I would share some of the first numbers I got. First thing I did was try to make some sort of wand so that I could hold the meter in place while I took the reading. I used a piece of wire hanger, wich is less than ideal as it kind...
  11. Setting Up Your Calcium Reactor

    Calcium Reactor Set Up There have recently been a number of threads regarding the set up of a calcium reactor, and I thought that there might be a need for a reference. I am by no means an expert on these things, having only started using one a few months ago, but I did a lot of research...
  12. Nikon D-SLR Buying Questions

    Another thread has peaked my interset in getting an SLR, at it seems that prices have come down far enough that I feel I can replace my old camera and get my fee wet. But I have a few questions, particularly regarding the Nikons. After having done some research I have come to the conclusion...
  13. WTB Kedds Yellow

    As stated looking for a nice frag of Kedds Yellow with purple polyps for pick up at swap. Thanks in advance
  14. Got ORP?

    When I was drafting the Cyanobacteria Primer, I got to thinking about ORP and have been doing some research into its significance. An article in the December 2003 issue of Reef Keeping Magazine, by Randy Holmes Farley, entitled ORP and the Reef Aquarium, has been one of the primary places...
  15. Aquamedic Reefdoser Twin

    Aquamedic Reefdoser Twin It is in great condition. I was using it to dose two part and would still be using it if I didn't go through 5 gallons of each part per month. $180 Pick up in Astoria weeknights after 7pm, or lower Manhattan during the day (by City Hall)
  16. Cyanobacteria Primer

    Cyanobacteria Primer [Disclaimer, I am not a biologist or even a scientist of any sort. There are scientists on this board, and even some who specialize in bacteria. They may end up telling me that I have no idea what I am talking about as the information presented here, is for the most...
  17. FS: Large CPR Refugium

    Large CPR Refugium This is the old style. Picked it up used, and have never used it. I do not have the pump for it. I think all the pieces are there, but can't be sure as I never tried to set it up. You get what you see in the pics. $60
  18. FS: Six Line Wrasse

    Six Line Wrasse No pics to fast to photograph, you know what they look like. His about 3 inches (if that) $10
  19. FS: Nano Cube

    JBJ Nano Cube This tank needs some TLC,but will otherwise make a great nano tank. It is the 12 gallon model. The ballast went bad, so I bought a new ballast from Nanotuners along with a new 50/50 bulb and never felt motivated enough to put it together. Probably needs a new switch. I do not...
  20. Fall Cleaning Sale, equipment and LS

    Fall Cleaning Sale All of this is pick up only, in Astoria. I am generally available after 7pm weeknights. Aquamedic Twin Doser I love this doser, It worked great on my 65 gallon tank, but I am going through five gallons of two part a month on my 220 gallon tank and it is barley...