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  1. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    how is that regal angel doing?
  2. Fish Looking for Regal Angel

  3. Fish Looking for Regal Angel

    Looking for a nice healthy Regal Angel in northern Queens area. Anyone know where I can find?
  4. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Awesome fish, good luck with him. Hope he starts eating for you.
  5. Lighting What’s everyone using for refugium light

    Mars Hydro LED grow light from Amazon. Works really well
  6. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    agree, they have great stuff. I know that misbar Regal!! Awesome fish. Was there on Saturday and almost pulled the trigger on him but he wasn't eating for me. Did you get to see him eat?
  7. Local copepods

    Thanks. Picked up 48oz from you last night. Good stuff
  8. Local copepods

    Anyone have a good local source for copepods? I'm in northern Queens on LI border.
  9. redsea 130D- free or trade

    Tank picked up. Going to good home I think. Thread done.
  10. redsea 130D- free or trade

    pending pickup tonight.
  11. redsea 130D- free or trade

    frogspawn, SPS, Zoas, scully's anything interesting is OK
  12. redsea 130D- free or trade

    pick in 11362
  13. reefkeeper lite-free or trade

    reefkeeper lite with temp probe, SL1 module, net module and ph probe (dry). pickup in 11362. free but will take frags for trade
  14. redsea 130D- free or trade

    Have a Redsea 130D with black stand and LED lights in the hood. tank has some scratches. I'll take a small frag trade for it but happy to just have it out of my garage.
  15. WTB: Red Sea Tank

    130D w/LED's older and a little scratched but will give it away for a couple of corals.
  16. Reefkeeper Lite for Trade

  17. Wtb: Ato

    I've got a regular tunze, got anything nice to trade for it?
  18. Reefkeeper Lite for Trade

    Reefkeepr lite, net and SL1 modules, all cabling, temp and ph probes. Probes about 5 years old so ph probe will need to be replaced for sure (but I have been keeping it wet.) Looking to trade for something colorful to put at bottom of my new tank. rics, sculys, etc. Per rules think I have to...
  19. RSM130D, Tunze ATO, reefkeeper lite for trade

    old tank breakdown looking to trade for nice coral . SPS, RBTA, nice zoas, nice mushrooms, ricorida's, scoly, etc For trade -RSM130D, with LED lights in hood, media basket, black stand and pump. Glass is scratched up. Tunze skimmer for back chamber. -Tunze ATO, perfect condition...