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  1. kenske

    WTB: Hydor PICO Evo-Mag 180 (In Queens area)

    Please pm if you have any avail. Regards, Kenny
  2. kenske

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8MB DDR Graphic Cards

    Greetings All, I have 5 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8MB DDR Graphic Cards that was purchased in mid 2017. Used only for a little over a year and haven't been used for the 6-8 months. I am asking for $250 each. US ONLY. Note: Video card will be sold/traded without manual, box, and cd. Just the...
  3. kenske

    Utter Chaos Zoas - For sale or trade

    Greetings, I have 3 frags of Utter Chaos zoas available for sale or for trade(for other zoas). 2 polyp frag $15, 4 polyps frag $25, and the 6 polyp frag $35(sold). Pickup in Queens. Please contact me if interested. Regards Kenny
  4. kenske

    Wood Finisher Needed

    Greetings, I am looking for a dependable and skilled wood finisher to work on a per project basis. I currently have a few projects that requires wood veneer panels to be stained/finished to match approved sample from client. I also have quite a bit of upcoming projects that will require wood...
  5. kenske

    Fender Mex Strat Electric Guitar and Amp

    I have a Fender made mexican strat for sale. The color is "Sunburst". The guitar is in excellent condition. Serious buyers are welcomed to come check it out. I also have a *like new* Marshall MG Series 15 watt practice amp. I have only used the amp for a few times and then it's been in my...
  6. kenske

    JBJ Nanocube 6 - $50 - Queens

    I have one for sale this weekend only. If it doesn't sell by Monday, i will brinng it to my office. like new condition may need some cleaning. only used for a few months. no scratches. The only mod i have done on it is make a cutout on the background. It is done very neat. Thanks for...
  7. kenske

    Pics of my hogs

    I just wanted to share a few pics of my hogs. Over the past year, i have spent a small fortune acquiring these guys. If there are any breeders here on MR working with this species, please let me know. First: My Extreme Red Het. Albino Male: Hatchling: Normal (light phase) Het. Pink Pastel Male
  8. kenske

    WTB: Some Zs/Ps

    Hi I am looking for the following: Sopranos Purple Hornets Nightmare Ding Dangs Creamsicles Magician Chong Bongs Pink Elephants
  9. kenske

    Couple of Chalice Frags F/S

    Chalice#1 I have (4) frags of these available for sale. This chalice has a purple/ red. The eyes are red. These are very large frags. Frags # 1 ,2 & 3 are $25 each. Frag #4 is a bit smaller so im selling it for $20. See below for various pics of the colony and WYSIWYG frags. Pick-up in...
  10. kenske

    Coralife Super Skimmer 65 F/S F/T

    The skimmer is only used for less than half a year. I would like to sell for $50. Can be used in-sump or hob.
  11. kenske

    Rust Proof - RODI Units

    Does anyone know of a company that makes RODI units the will not rust? I bought mine brand new and the metal bracket & screws started to rust only after a couple of months. Any company out there makes them with no metal parts?
  12. kenske

    LED lighting from Eco-Lamps

    I came across this manufacturer from overseas. The fixtures looks very attractive and the prices are even more so. Just not enough info for me to place the order. No PAR values from the manufacturer either. What do you guys think?
  13. kenske

    Frags Of Gorgonians & Seafans

    Greetings, I'd like to know if i labeled them correctly. Any help with ID'ing them will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kenny #1 Yellow Tip - Non-Photosynthetic #2 Light Green Stem/Purple Polyp - Photosynthetic #3 Pink Stem & polyps- Non-Photosynthetic #4 Red Stem, Yellow Polyps-...
  14. kenske

    Brand New 320gb western digital harddrive

    I have a OEM sealed 320gb Western Digital hardrive for sale. PATA interface, $60 Thanks, Kenny
  15. kenske

    Cannon XTI package - Like New Condition

    Greetings All, I have a rarely used Canon xti digital slr camera for sale. It is used no more than 4 times in the year that i own it. It did hasn't even left the house! i only used it to take pictures of my reptiles and reef tank. Since i hardly use it, i am selling it with the following...
  16. kenske

    JBJ Nanocube 24- Tank Only $45

    No Hood, Lights or Pumps Included. Tank in excellent condition. Just need a a bit cleaning. Will consider trading for frags of zoas. Pick-up in queens. Thanks, Kenny
  17. kenske

    FS LEOPARD GECKO - Tangerine Albino, Mack Snow

    Greetings, I hatched these recently they are from quality parents. They are all too young to sex accurately. They were incubated for males and females (84-86f). The tangerine coloring will increase with every shed. Already lots of tangerine , only shed once so far. There is also a possibility...
  18. kenske

    36" Tek T5 -4 lamp fixture including the bulbs

    Hi I just took down my frag tank. The lights were used for less than a year. I am selling it with mounting brackets (bought seperately). Asking $175. Pick up in Queens or i can meet elsewhere. Thanks for looking.
  19. kenske

    Frags F/S

    Greetings all, i am trying to free up some real estate in my tank. I have the following available for sale. Instead of private messaging,please post here if interested. Thanks for looking....K Frag#1(RDE 18 polyps), newfishie SOLD Frag#2 (RDE 11 polyps), SOLD Frag#3 (Hawaiian Punch? 9+...
  20. kenske

    Dow and Mag Flakes

    Anyone know where i can pick these up locally? Home Depot sells another brand and im afraid to use it. TIA, Kenny