Looking for some SPS pcs for my 180


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Bronx new york
Hey guys. Looking for some Sps so I can start feeling up my tank. Be fair with the price as I'm not in a hurry to buy. Packs are welcomed. Please pm with what you have. Pm me with what you have. Thanks to all

Bubblegum fire digi
RMF Acid Trip Mille
Blue Raspberry Mille
Planet Earth Hoeksemai
Captain Planet Acro
RMF Jared?s Rainbow Mille
Rainbow Nasuta
Strawberry Shortcake
RMF Jared?s Tricolor Prostrata
Bali Echinata
Shades of Fall
Exquisitor Acro
Pink Tip Sarmentosa
Blue Hoeksemai
Raspberry Nasuta
ORA Ice Tort
Sky Blue Stag
Pink and Blue Pocci
Bubblegum Mille
Metallic Blue Mille
Sunrise Mille
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From your list , i can get you lime in the sky, purple slimer, blue tort,
Oregon tort, forest fire digi
PM if you interested

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