New Years Hours & Specials


Iconic Aquariums
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Tenafly, NJ
We will be open normal hours tomorrow 11-6, as well as Monday 11-5.

Tuxedo Urchins $13
Large Peppermint Shrimp $5
Emerald Crabs $5
Trochus Snails 5 for $10
Harlequin Shrimp Pairs $45
XL Randall Shrimp Goby $35
Nano Trimma/Eviota Goby $15
Dwatf Orange Slipper Lobster $12
Green Pipefish $15
Ricordea yumas & Ultra Bullseye Shrooms $20

Other cool stuff in stock:
Bellus Angel Pair
Supermale Rosefascia Wrasse
Male Rosefascia Wrasse
Swordtail Jawfish
Supermale Pintail Wrasse
Supermale Yellow Flank Fairy Wrasse
Vanderhorstia Gobies
Black Cap Basslets
Peppermint Hogs
Pteragogus Cockerel Wrasse
Yellow Candy Hog
Royal Gramma
Regal Angel (Pacific) Eating frozen
Purple Tilefish
Pastel Tileffish
Hector Goby
Metallic Shrimp Goby
Yanoi Goby (single & trio with pistol)
Segmented Blenny
Golden Fuscus Blenny
XL Starry Blenny
Red Fuscus Blenny
Longnose Hawks
Leopard Toby
Coral Cat Shark Eggs
Morrison Red Scooter Blenny
Pacificus Blue Stripe Pipefish
Nudus Bicolor Magnificent Shrimp Goby Pairs
Acro Crabs
Halloween Hermits
Scarlet Hermits
Star Snails
Fighting Conch
Deepwater Prima Shrimp


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Iconic Aquariums
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Tenafly, NJ
No website yet, just facebook/instagram. We will have pods & other foods in a couple weeks, once we get our fridge/freezer moved in.