Lots of Goniopora, Zoas, SPS, Tyree Toadstool

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Frag rack is full and frags are growing out of the frag plugs?So let?s begin.
First, for Goniopora lovers. I am releasing 6 of my hardy Gonis, which have done very well in my mixed tank.
As always, I would prefer for them to be picked up in person(Basking Ridge, NJ). I can ship Fedex overnight anywhere within the country for $35. In an event of any issues, pls contact me within 6 hours of receiving the shipment. minimum $200.

1. Medusa Goniopora: they have been growing in my tank for close to two years now. Absultely a beauty. Have never lost its color, polyp extension and glory. I have 5 frags?all nicely encrusting. $100 each

2. Blondie Goniopora: As the name suggests, its peach/golden. I have not come across this color of Goni before. I have only 4 and will not have more for a a long time as I would like to see the mother colony grow to football size. $100 each

3. Hulk Goniopora: Absolutely blinding florescent. It glows in sun light as well. I have 5 of these - $30 each

4. Frosted Goniopora: I have only one frag of these - $50 each

5. Rainbow Goniopora: I have only 2 frags of these short tentacle Goni. $30 each

6. Pinkie Pie Goniopora: Large super bright pink Goniopora. These are not the red ones, which is very common. They are very bright and very pink AND extremely hardy. $50 each

7. Chalice: 3 frags. $20 each

8. Double Tyree Toadstool: Each of these have two heads of tyree toadstool. I have three of these. $40 for 2 head toadstool

9. Ice Dragon: $25

10. Strawberry Shortcake: $25

11. Pink lemonade: $25

12. Medusa Tabling Acro: $50

13. Red Dragon: $25

14. Blue Tip Tunious: $30

15. 8 inch across large colony of sunburst monti: $30. Can not be shipped.

16. Bambam (WYSIWYG): $40

17. Purple Hornet (WYSIWYG): $40

18. Chucky's bridge (WYSIWYG)$30

19. Gatorades + Smashing pumpkin (WYSIWYG):$30

20. True Purple People Eater (WYSIWYG): $40

21. Rasta (WYSIWYG): $30

22. Orange Rainbows: $30

23. Red Hornet(WYSIWYG):$30

24. Nice yellow/orange Zoa(WYSIWYG): $40

25. Dragon Eyes (WYSIWYG):$30

26. My Clementines (WYSIWYG): $30

27. Mandarin Orange Zoas(WYSIWYG): $40

28. Ding Dang People Eater rock(WYSIWYG): $50

29. maroon People eater(WYSIWYG): $20

30. Scrambled Eggs (WYSIWYG): $30

31. Sunny D (WYSIWYG): $30

32. Cloves rock (WYSIWYG): $30
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