Tank For Sale: Red Sea REEFER 250 w/ Corals, Fish, and Inverts


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New York, NY
We are moving and unfortunately must sell our Red Sea REEFER 250 - the tank has been established for ~2.5 years and is very healthy.

Livestock highlights include:
  1. Melatremus eel
  2. Mated Clownfish
  3. Mated harlequin shrimp
  4. Several ultra rock flower anemones with paired anemone crabs
  5. Reef chromis
  6. Yellow Hawaiian tang
  7. Aquacultured Maxima clam
  8. Various SPS
    1. Acros
    2. Birdsnest
    3. Monster green montipora
    4. Elephant coral
  9. Various LPS
    1. Euphyllia
    2. Elegance Coral
    3. Duncan polyps
    4. Pulsing Xenia
    5. Green starburst polyps
  10. Various Softies
    1. Leathers
    2. Zoas
  11. Various crabs
  12. Blood fire shrimp
  13. Cleaner Shrimp
  14. Purple coral banded shrimp
Red Sea’s REEFER™ series of Reef Systems provide advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium.

The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system including a professional refugium ready sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.

The REEFER™ series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system.
  • Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • Elegant marine-spec cabinet
  • Professional refugium ready sump with adjustable height skimmer chamber. *
  • Micron filter bags and filter cups. *
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required
Trying to sell everything as one package (with the livestock), however happy to just sell the tank separately once the livestock goes. Everything MUST be picked up by Friday, October 25th in Manhattan.

Also have:
  • two (2) Radian XR15s
  • MP10 Vortech Pump
  • NYOS 160 skimmer
  • Pax Bellum reactor
For local pickup in Manhattan ONLY. If interested in more than just the livestock, tank, stand, and sump, please message me. We are moving and everything must go. Make your best offer for everything or just the livestock!



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New York, NY
Manhattan - everything is gone except for the tank, stand, sump, live rock, and return pump FYI

If able to pick-it up tonight or tomorrow, please let us know and we can coordinate! Currently $900 OBO including three buckets of branching live rock.